Okay, this is just a quick example to show why we at Akertoys LLC prefer to work on relatively small things:
mockingbird and loudbird
All of downtown (we presume) was awakened by this giant helicopter this morning, as it hoisted four separate signs up to the top of this building.  You know, it's "The Tallest Building In East Tennessee."  Seriously, it is.  No, seriously!  Check out the mockingbird for scale, you'll see.
It was pretty cool, no doubt, but it definitely made me appreciate working on things I can lift myself.  Jennifer and I were debating the process as we watched, and we both came to the conclusion that the helicopter must be holding the sign until it's exactly in place, because those guys on the roof won't be budging it once the helicopter stops helping.  Each of those faces of the sign weighs 2600 lbs.  Even the heaviest of our raw materials is still manageable, if inconveniently so, by one person.  Thank goodness!

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