[Adan] So I'm thinking it would be fun to post a picture every Wednesday, and ask the world, "what do you think it is??"  Maybe someday there'll be a prize given to the correct guesser(s), I dunno, but for now it will just be for the glory.  Sound good?  Here goes:
Okay, have fun with that.  Extra points (whatever those might be) if you can name the wood used for this product, and extra points if you can name the tool on which the product is resting.  

This is a Fab Services product, by the way, not something Akertoys sells or plans to sell.  If that's helpful as kind of an anti-hint, maybe?

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6/17/2010 07:28:21 am

why that looks like an OAR to me!!

6/18/2010 03:11:42 am


Nancy is correct, and I just couldn't have chosen a nicer person to win this contest.

Now a word from the picky, pedantic Adan you know and love: it's technically a paddle, not an oar, and specifically a sculling paddle. Worlds of difference, naturally, I can't believe anyone could get confused.

Now a word from the nice, mellowed, matured (?? seriously??) Adan who is emerging with each passing year: there's really not enough visible in that image to tell whether it was a paddle or oar. Full credit to Nancy!

Thanks for playing, Nancy... sorry we don't yet have any prizes to distribute :-)


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