[Adan] We've just been hired by a local custom furniture builder to do an interesting inlay project.  We're just doing the strips of inlay (two different patterns, multiple strips of each), which he'll then incorporate into the furniture he's building.
sycamore plank awaiting the chop
Yesterday he visited his friends at Jeffries Wood Works, and they sold him this lovely piece of quartersawn sycamore.  He dropped it by Akertoys, and I just fell in love with the thing.  This photo doesn't do it justice... it's just a beautiful piece of wood.  Not super-flashy, no tiger-striped craziness here, just some wood showing its ray structure at its finest.

quartersawn sycamore grain close-up-ish
The other cool thing is the way we'll be doing the inlay: this isn't one of those jobs where you inlay Wood A into a substrate of Wood B (cherry into maple, say).  No, here we'll be celebrating that nice quartersawn grain by using it as Wood A, and inlaying it into the exact same wood on a plain sawn orientation.  Pretty slick.  It'll be subtle, but totally visible.  I can't wait to see it.
7/23/2010 10:29:37 pm

Beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished product!

7/25/2010 10:28:33 pm

your passion for wood is contagious.

7/26/2010 01:02:26 am

Grayson- Unfortunately, I may not be able to show the finished product. This is one of our "fab services" jobs, so we're doing it for someone else to use as part of a piece of custom furniture he's building. I'll ask him if it's okay to share a picture of just the inlay part, but it's often preferred that we not do so. Alas, it's just part of the way of the thing.

Maybe if there's some otherwise-unusable scrap I'll be able to do some other inlay sample just to show how the wood does its thing.

David- Thanks! That's the goal, catch the bug.


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