[written by Adan]  Today was pretty great, at least the part that’s happened already.  It was a complete mixed bag, with forward motion on three different projects.  One of these was to glue together two rattle halves and, after allowing adequate glue drying time, rough sand them in preparation for fine sanding, engraving, and hopefully shipping tomorrow.

It’s fun to be working with the rattles.  Although our current developmental push is on the musical instruments, people continue to want rattles.  We sold six or seven of them in May, and everyone was just so delighted with them.  We’re still crazy-slow making them, but we’re learning some tricks.
beech rattle, end view
Today’s rattle was made of beech.  It’s such a nice wood.  I still really enjoy working with it.  Here’s a close-up of the one that’s shown in the Etsy listing.  With any luck, the bumpy fellow I left in the shop this evening will look just like this tomorrow!  Well, like this, but with a cool name engraved on it.

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