We've got a LOT of non-rattle projects going on right now.  However, when people need a rattle, they tend to really need it.  Babies have their own schedule, and the timing of the rattle gift can be very important. 
Rattles, Drama-Lit
So, in the past week we got word from a friend in Denmark and a friend right here in Knoxville that rattle time was nigh... and thus we found ourselves finish-sanding these three rattles on Saturday.
The two on the right are maple, with a fascinating flecked-grain.  The one on the left is cherry, but a slightly lighter colored cherry than we sometimes use.  It has amazing contrast, really striking, and the straight grain forms a perfect contour map of the rattle's shape.  Nifty!

Regarding the photo:  my camera has so much fine saw dust inside its lens assembly that it really can't gather much light anymore.  Thus, the lower light photos turned out very soft.  I chose this one, which used the flash (bleh), and then I tweaked the photo within an inch of its life.  It may not very closely resemble the colors of reality, but it's certainly dramatic.

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