It works... golly, those must be the two most beautiful words in product development.
The candy dispenser is pretty much 100% jam-free now, bless its little heart.  To get there, we had to go to individual holes for each M&M, and heavily chamfer each hole.  The little chocolate lentils will stack two high in the hole, but the chamfers let the top one slide off perfectly.  So.  Ready for a video?
The rapid actuation at the end is intended to demonstrate that, though it works great at slow speed, the long hole pattern results in the first pair of holes going beyond the trough at the extreme end of travel.  As long as it get there slowly, no problem: the M&Ms fall off while passing over the trough, all's well.  If you really yank it, though, they'll parabolize their way clear over the edge of the trough and take off for freedom.  But hey, I figure if someone's really that excited about yanking on this thing, that's probably just the kind of adventure they're looking for.  Once more: all's well.
Gram Fran
9/8/2010 04:24:43 am

Fun! Food! Flowers!

'Cardinal-flower' Lobelia cardinalis of the Bluebell family

- the only red-flowered species of Lobelia in the Southern Appalachians; the others are bluish or purplish. It grows along streamsides, in roadside ditches, in marshes and wet meadows at the lowest altitudes to over 3,500 feet.

Aren't you glad you asked?


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