[Adan]  We haven't talked about the ukuleles very much recently, what with all the other stuff we've been playing with, so I wanted to do a quick post mentioning that we do still love them and make them and play them every single day.  My workspace is kind of awesome, in that regard: within arm's reach I have accumulated (in addition to several other instruments), four Akertoys ukes, each a prototype from one of the stages of the design's evolution.  Distracting?  Procrastination bait?  No, not at all!
I'm still delighted that the bent headstock design has worked out so well.  I still love the unbent (alpha model) style too, but figuring out how best to make this bent one took some effort and so it makes me very happy to see it.  And of course, tuning with the geared tuners is also a delight.
9/13/2010 09:34:18 am

it's pretty. very nice.


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