[Adan]  It's times like these that I am grateful for the Toylog's extremely broad scope.  Sure, pictures of a lotus may not fall squarely in the middle of typical topic ranges, but they're enriching nonetheless.
There it is, in situ.  That's the cascade in Jennifer's grandmother Fran's back yard.  You would not BELIEVE the garden of which this is a part.  It's the most glorious accomplishment, really outstanding.  It's not just a garden, it's the whole yard.  It's not just a yard, it's a gorgeously designed experience, and an ark containing representatives of a freakishly huge percentage of the world's plantlife.  But we're talking today about just a single plant amidst the thousands.
Fran called me this morning, and I just happened to be finishing some errands that had taken me near her place.  The light was perfect, and I went by to help her document this marvel.  My little Nikon is hardly an adequate tool for this task, but I did what I could.  She had her Canon on hand, so fear not: there are better pictures than these available.
Apparently it's been like this for several days, and another bloom already came and went before this one.  The seedpod on a lower stalk (visible in the first two images) is all that remains.
That cone in the middle of this blossom will morph into a similar object all too soon, I'm told.  Note also the little antennaed black spot amidst the pollen.  That's a tiny bee, the kind I've always called a "sweat bee" though surely there's a better name.  This flower was very popular with those of his ilk.

Well.  It was really something.  I was enthralled by the sight, and I hope some of the excitement is internets-communicable.
Margo Akerman
8/22/2010 01:44:05 am

Both the lotus and the text are lovely. Is Grandmother Fran aware of the Akertoys blog?

Gramma Fran
8/25/2010 12:40:47 am

Yes!!! and very appreciative of the entry and the photographs! Adan is really a poet (who doesn't know it...groan).

Luff to all.


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