[written by Jennifer]  So, we are experimenting with the new website, and we're working to migrate the original Toylog over here.  For now, older entries should be available here  [ link ]

Hoping to update more soon.  Adan and I have been hard at work on a revised baritone ukulele.  And, our office is under attack from squirrels.  For reals.  
Let us know what you think about the new site.  
6/4/2010 09:25:22 am

Wowzers this looks awesome! You made us a website today?!

Looking forward to adding log entries.



Esben W. Johansen
6/5/2010 04:07:11 am

Like the new website - positive and optimistic choices of reds. Hope to see a lot of new toy-designs. The rattle (in cherry) was shown to friends and colleagues - lots of positive comments. The rattle is not only a toy, but also an objet d'art - that could be placed on the mantle piece or at an executives desk for relaxing fumbling. What a design! And what fine craftsmanship!


Margo Akerman
6/7/2010 01:55:37 am

Beautiful! This is a website with pizzazz! It's great to have the 11 O'ClockRock link right there. Adan's interview is informative; he describes many of the strengths of Akertoys.

Way to go, web architect and Akertoys, Inc.! MLA

Chris V
6/8/2010 10:56:12 am

Yay! I love the new website. Nice. And congratulations on tuning the idiophone - that must've been a project...


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