[Adan] We've made a lot of product prototypes.  I mean, a LOT!  Some are nice, some are absolutely awesome, but they were all very informative.  You learn from every new product, no doubt about it.  Here's one that was a favorite, but it was way too hard to make back when we first prototyped it:
How do you pluralize 'domino?'
Now, though, it might be different.  We've got a vacuum pump and bag to help with veneering.  We've got our good friend Jobot to help get the pips in the right places (believe me, that was a real project when making this prototype!) and cut out the shapes.  We've got the drum sander so we can do them in a sheet and then flip to separate.  We know about the beeswax finish now, too, so that would be a nicer finish than this boiled linseed oil.
Oh, right, the details: each is 1" x 2" x 0.34".  The bodies are maple, the tops are sapele (an African mahogany-like wood).  This set is a double six set.
7/14/2010 01:56:11 am

very sweet!

7/14/2010 02:37:09 am

Thanks, David!

I was going for a pun there... like, isn't Domino a sugar brand too? Maybe too subtle, or maybe not nearly subtle enough.

I thought about a pizza pun, but it was too messy.


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