[Adan] Okay, so this was a "Where's It Wednesday" post, but things are a bit relaxed where we are right now.  If a Wednesday post goes out on Saturday, well, that's not so bad.
Mr. UkuleleHead lounges in a chair
We took Mr. UkuleleHead away from his usual stomping grounds for a week. Though he was at first upset by the lack of productivity, he quickly settled into the relaxed pace of life here.  Ah, a Tiki-God-kulele in repose, what a sight!

The question, then, is where might here be?

How about another picture:
Mr. UkuleleHead on the boardwalk, wary of snakes
Okay, so that one may actually be less helpful, not more... sorry about that!
Regarding that alleged lack of productivity, it's actually been very productive. There haven't been a lot of ukuleles made this week, but the population here with Mr. U-Head represents a large percentage of the Akertoys Board of Directors.  So our coffee-fueled screen porch chats each morning here have discussed many new and exciting Akertoys ideas.  We're coming out of this with a lot of new thoughts and concepts, and a new product idea fully fleshed out, though not the first thing's actually been made.