[Adan] You may recall this delightful product: the Magnetic Needle Holding Pendant!  (also available for sale on this very site)  Well, we've continued working with them, and we're making changes that will make it possible to really personalize these things.

Perhaps most importantly, we're changing the process so that, when we initially make them, they're blank: no engraving at all.  Then we have the freedom to go back and choose whether to engrave a flower or someone's initials... or just about anything else.  We've made a cool little fixture that makes it easier to hold it in place (even has a hole for the split ring, how convenient) when we go back to do the engraving.
Patterns, Many Patterns
So, with that new process giving her more freedom to operate, Jennifer took the little rectangle format and ran with it.  She made a lot of different versions of initials or monograms, and made some different flower patterns (improving our dogwood in the process).  Then, on the advice of a neighborhood friend who is a guru of pretty much all the fiber arts, she researched and interpreted some quilting patterns into simple black-and-white versions.  They look fantastic.

Anyway, that's where we are with the needle holder pendants: ready to engrave, come what may.