[Adan]  This new Flip vidcam is pretty sweet.  I wanted to test it out a little more, see how it could do recording audio.  Soooooo: here's a video of our prototype marimba.
Apologies/Disclaimers/Excuses: we still haven't made nicer beaters, so those are pretty rough-looking.  I was trying to kneel out of the shot, so that made it hard to balance... but I'm not saying I would have played it that much better anyway!  And the audio isn't awesome.  Not terrible, considering the tool, but not awesome.  It sounds a little better than that.  The highest notes really are painfully piercing, so if you picked up a little of that, well, that part was accurately recreated!
All that being said, it's still a lot of fun to play.  I look forward to when we have a chance to come back to it, iterate it one or two more times, and then get it out there on the market.